Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Those who tell the stories

I heard a wonderful quote today; "Those who tell the stories define the culture." We have lost the stories of midwives and women who would gather together to help their neighbor or sister who was having a baby. We have traded our heritage for a supposed "painless, sterile, safe" environment and in doing so we have given up our strength and tight knit birth communities.
In today's ever increasing isolated society, we have lost the impact of having supportive, wise women who would come together to show empathy, bring in meals, watch children and just be there for a woman who was giving birth. I never knew what that was like but I sure do miss having that for myself. Trying to find like minded, supportive women who live close by is a definite challenge. Times have definitely changed and those who are telling the stories now are most certainly redefining our birth culture. I hope I am one voice among many who want the tides to turn and for us to regain our strength as women and mothers and take back natural homebirth as the norm for women everywhere.

I had a wonderful prenatal this evening with a local couple having their third baby. What an enjoyable evening it was to sit with them and talk about bringing their baby into this world with gentle, loving hands surrounded by those who will listen, wait and love. I am filled with excitement just thinking of their baby's birthday in September!

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