Monday, January 8, 2007

Drastic Differences

Two opposite ways of birthing; home and hospital. Until the 1950's women stayed at home surrounded by family and familiarity to give birth. Now the majority of women go to a hospital and find themselves in the middle of technological interventions.

95% of all women today could birth naturally and safely in their own environment with a midwife but choose to accept what the media and culture says are the "safest" and choose to have their babies delivered in a hospital setting. I believe hospitals are for those who are sick or need emergency care and pregnancy is not a medical condition nor an emergency in 95% of all pregnancies.

We have lost sight of the power within our own bodies; we have forgotten to listen to those who have come before us and all those who have given birth naturally. We aren't listening to our babies within us and what would be best for them. We are driven by fear of pain, fear of loss and fear of failure within ourselves. We are looking for the medical community to make us think everything will be okay if we turn this labor and birth over to them. They have deceived the public by convincing us we aren't safe to birth without them.

Doctors have only routinely been delivering babies in hospitals for 47 years; midwives have been attending births for thousands. In whom do you put your trust?

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