Friday, January 19, 2007

The " Divine Strake" Bomb

I attended a meeting last night in St. George, UT about the proposed, upcoming blast of 700 tons of ammonium nitrate at the Nevada Testing Site. This would put a mushroom cloud into the air and send dust and radioactive particles into the atmosphere which would eventually disperse in every state and settle onto the ground, on our gardens and farmlands; not to mention the dust that would settle into our lungs and eventually affect us all, some more than others.
I, for one, am vehemently opposed to a bomb of any kind being set off and especially one which is most likely a precursor to nuclear bomb testing. We live in a beautiful part of the country with red rocks and magnificent deserts and to some this may seem like a barren waste land, but for those of us who live here, we cherish the landscape and know this bomb will scar the earth and all of us who live on it.
I had my three children in tow at the meeting to make a point that I don't want a cancer prognosis for any of my children in ten or twenty years. I don't want to bury any of my children and I fear for all of our collective health, in this area especially.
When I think about the future of this earth and our people, I have a hopeful, healing picture of what it will be like. I hope that we will all slow down and take a look within ourselves and remember those things which are most important; relationships, family, cherished memories, reaching out to others around us. If we would all stop and think before we rushed to pass judgment, or make decisions we would all benefit.
I find a great hope in helping babies come into the world in a peaceful, natural way and I look to their mothers to continue this goodness in their families and communities and ultimately, the whole world. After all, locally truly is globally if we follow our hearts.

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