Friday, January 5, 2007

Eli's 10th Birthday

Today is Eli's tenth birthday...I am remembering his birth fondly and thinking about my first day as a new mother. His birth started as an overdue induction in the hospital but after a few drips of the Pitocin I asked my doctor to take me off and let my body do the rest naturally. My wishes were agreed to and I felt empowered and respected as a laboring woman throughout the rest of my labor. The delivery brought a 45 min. pushing phase and then out came this 8lb. 6oz. baby boy! When the doctor announced his sex he asked me and Russell what we would name him and I immediately answered; "Eli"! I hadn't thought of this name as even being an option beforehand so it came as a surprise to us all and it must have been meant to be. Eli is an old who feels deeply, listens intently, and seems to intuitively understand and accept many things good and bad. He has always been a pleasant child and was a wonderful baby. He has a sensitivity and strong sense of self that helps him get along in every situation. He is a natural intellectual, very cautious, thinks things through, gets along with friends and adults easily and is a love! We are so blessed! Happy Birthday sweet boy of mine!

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