Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"Birth Is As Safe As Life Gets"- Harriette Hartigan

This is my maiden blog. I never thought I would be a blogger but my husband, Russell, has started one which has made me think twice. If he has something to say to the cyber world, well than so do I!
The title of this entry is one of my favorite quotes; it reminds me that birth is a natural process and one that should be believed in. We have lost sight of what natural birth is and why it's important. The statistics speak volumes: 1/3 of all births are cesarean and the numbers keep rising.
We need strong, wise women speaking from experience who will advocate for natural, wholistic pregnancy and birth. I am willing to stand up and make the statement and educate; we need women everywhere to make their voices heard and spread the word!
We owe it to all babies and mothers.

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