Thursday, February 1, 2007

Four out of every Five...

4 out of every 5 women in the world give birth to their babies with the assistance of a midwife. Women all over our planet are using natural methods to "deliver" their children and trust that this is the best way.
It sure seems like Americans are hard headed and stubborn when it comes to being wise and intuitive. We are near 25th place when it comes to ranking countries with the highest of motherbaby morbidity. 25th place with all of our high tech hospitals, doctors and neonatal nurseries??? Guess which countries are numbers 1-10 on the list...European countries, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, etc...Even the impoverished countries in South America rank higher than the U.S. in childbirth safety. So, what's going on?
I believe we have lost sight of what's important and where we need to go to find out the best ways to keep mom and baby safe. We need to put trust and strength back into listening to our bodies and our hearts. We need to eat better, think better, slow down and focus on all of the wonder within ourselves and around us.
This weekend the whole U. S. will gather together to put all of their esteem and focus on less than 50 athletes who get paid quadruple what an average American gets paid and OOH and AAH over their "strategies" and "skill," while amidst us are wise, intelligent, creative, empathetic, strong, honest, pure, amazing human beings going about their daily business and not getting any credit for their accomplishments and hard work.
We owe it to ourselves to bolster up and appreciate the wonderful human beings that live in our communities; the elderly, the naturopaths, the artists, the writers, the mothers, the fathers, the professionals...the list goes on.
And, as a midwife, I hope my children and the motherbaby's I have helped will continue on their natural, heartfelt path in parenting, relationships and in life! We all deserve to be born into the gentle, kind hands of our parents and a midwife!!
Kina, this one's for you! Thanks for reading.

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