Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A wonderful spring...and hiatus...a time for a midwife gardener

Here are three images that pretty well sum up what I have been doing since I last blogged in February. I have been tending to my family, my garden and my little flock of hens. I have also been able to do some much needed home repair and maintenance, too! Overall, the spring was a very productive and busy time for me and the Wrankle household.
When I last left you, I was contemplating my entire life. I believe I needed to do some 'spring cleaning' of sorts and I was so bogged down by my responsibilities and choices that I needed to take some time off to sort it all out. Well, I am happy to tell you that I am reemerging and, like a spring flower, I am blooming and ready for a new season, a new chapter in my life.
I feel renewed and revived and thrilled to find myself in a better place psychologically which reaffirms my belief that one must always listen to their heart and follow their ups and downs as they present themselves. Throw the guilt and the obligations to the wind and listen to what is right for you! Only by doing so can we, as women, move forward with a peaceful mind and a new purpose of heart.
I found this spring as I planted my vegetable garden that I desperately needed quiet, pensive time to sort things out and calm down my nerves. The simple act of putting a seed in the ground and watching it sprout and grow into a vegetable has always amazed me, but this season seemed more poignant than before! I realized that, on a much smaller scale, I was the gardener for all of the women I was attending in pregnancy and birth. I was the one tending to the seed already planted in their wombs and I carefully made sure it received the nutrients and love it needed to flower and bloom safely and beautifully! The harvest I continually was a part of with the amazing births of these women was very taxing and very stressful to a careful gardener, but a well deserved miracle for all of the months of pruning, weeding and tending.
Dealing with soil and seed made me realize, on a very simple level, how absolutely amazing my journey has been with all of the different babies and moms that were 'gardened' so carefully under my care. Many of these babies are now turning one and even two or three and I can proudly wear my wide brim hat and remember every seedling that I had the privelege of knowing and helping to grow!
Thank you to all of my past clients who have walked the journey with me! And thank you for allowing me the time this spring to step out of the midwife's shoes for a few months and catch my breath! Your loving support has been wonderful!
Now, as my garden is established and each plant has taken root I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the season watching the veggies appear and grow! Just as I will continue on my journey with moms and their seedlings and help them to germinate and grow to their fullest potential. The midwife's wide brimmed hat is back on and I've got the hoe in my hand ready once again! Here's to a wonderful summer...

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gramyflys said...

Just thinking of you today, Lori, and wanting to wish you a very happy birthday. It is also Natalie's birthday and her little 2 year old, Holland. It is always fun to remember you being born the day after we were married, so I can always remember how old you are! Hope your day was special. We love you...Uncle Joe and Aunt Lori