Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trusting Birth

This week I had the honor of attending a simply wonderful birth! This was a first time mom who chose to bring her baby into this world without modern technology or interventions. She wanted a birth experience that would naturally unfold on its own accord. It was a process that was incredible to be a part of and one which every woman deserves, knowing the end result and what power it brings.

As you watch women go through the stages of labor you realize that at first, they tend to rely upon comfort measures and ways of thinking that they are most comfortable with. This is when water, breathing, air, and music are used successfully to ease our minds and bodies. As they progress to the more strenuous demands of labor you see a shift in their beings. They begin going deep within to find their inner strength and reserves, their thinking minds are left behind for a primal place within. This is a collective space for all women who have given birth naturally; it is a sacred place, a powerful place, a necessary place for all who go through the empowering experience of labor. It pushes our souls into a depth that can't be duplicated by any other experience as humans. It is a gift because it holds a place of accomplishment and peace within us for the rest of our lives. It is a time for complete surrender and trust within ourselves and the birth process and a time of amazing growth.

Watching this beautiful mother bring life to her baby and journey through the depths of labor is life affirming and stirs within me a deep resonation and respect for the power of labor and birth and what a divine gift it is that has been instilled within every woman.

It recommits me to holding strong to my beliefs that birth works and that women's bodies are made to perfectly bring babies into this world. It reminds me to continue my mantra to always trust birth. It holds a very tender place within my own soul and I realize that without the work and continual perserverance of traditonal midwives, there would be a complete loss of natural birth as we currently know it in the United States.

It is definitely a privelege and honor to be with women during this life altering journey and the lessons learned at each birth bring a deeper understanding and respect for the protection of the natural birth process. It is a powerful gift that women allow themselves if they are willing to be present and in the moment and choose women to attend them who will guard and protect the space and energy that is needed to allow it to unfold. Birth is a wonder; a constant blessing in my life and I am thankful I can preserve it for women today despite the over technology of childbirth in our country.

Thank you to all of you who support traditional midwifery and who choose to take the journey that is required of natural childbirth. Thank you for facing the unknown and jumping in with both feet to embrace your body's ability to bring your baby into this world without the aid or rescue of modern medicine. Thank you for enriching my life and keeping me engaged in the work I most highly adore. You are the ones who get the gift of success and empowerment when its all said and done. You are the ones who continue the chain of women who have given birth naturally and whose lives have been deepened by the experience. It is something you will always cherish and will live on in your soul forever. Thank you for giving yourself the "gift" of natural childbirth!

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